Top 10 Bird’s Nest Brands in Malaysia

Edible Bird's nest brands in Malaysia

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Edible Bird’s Nest is made by swiftlet birds and is enjoyed for its nutritional properties. It’s a popular ingredient used for Chinese medication and it’s traditionally served as a soup.

Bird’s nests are also known as a highly nutritious superfood because of their great source of collagen and proteins. They may be priced at a premium, but they are well worth the expenditure in terms of better well-being and glowing skin.

They also make lovely and heartfelt gifts to show how much you care about them. If you’re uncertain which bird’s nest to get, we have rounded up the best ranges of bird nests in Malaysia for you to consider.


Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest

The Kinohimitsu Birds Nest is made from a natural bird’s nest with American Ginseng and white fungus. It’s made up of all-natural nutrients with no flavoring, coloring, or preservatives, and it’s rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF), making it ideal for those who wish to improve their skin’s radiance while also improving their respiratory system. It can be served either warm or cold.


Royal Bird’s Nest

Royal Bird’s Nest is made from superior grade, genuine bird’s nest from the caves in Sarawak, Malaysia. It’s 100 % natural, free from artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavoring. Besides, their pure bird’s nest is high in active protein which helps to improve tissue growth, immune system, and skin hydration. It can be a great choice for pregnant women looking for a nutritional supplement during pregnancy.


Eu Yan Sang Bird’s Nest

Eu Yan Sang Bird’s Nest is made specially to brighten your skin. It contains high-quality collagen and pearl powder, which help with detoxification, inflammation reduction, and skin brightening. This bird’s nest is an excellent addition to your beauty regimen because collagen is necessary for skin renewal, which results in a young glow. It also has 25% less sugar, so you won’t have to worry about consuming too much sugar with this product.


BRAND’S Bird’s Nest

BRANDS Bird’s Nest is produced of 100 % real bird’s nest and is prepared in a precise manufacturing process that employs only natural sweeteners to achieve its exquisite taste. It contains no preservatives, artificial coloring, or flavoring. They’ve integrated advanced technology with traditional methods to offer high-quality and premium bird’s nest drinks.


It’s Yen Original Bird’s Nest

It’s Yen Original Bird’s Nest is one of the best-selling bird’s nests. It features a pleasant texture and taste with excellent nutritional value. It can be a perfect option for nourishing the lungs and also promotes a stronger immunity. They’re also available in a variety of flavors, including snow fungus and American ginseng, pandan and chia seeds, red dates, and longan. Because there are no preservatives, coloring or stabilizers, you have to finish the bottle once it’s opened or keep it in the fridge and consume it within 12 hours.


Nano Japan Birds’ Nest

Nano Bird’s Nest is made in Japan with 100% Japanese ingredients. The bird’s nest used is harvested from Genkai island in Fukuoka, Japan. They use honey as a natural sweetener instead of rock sugar like the other brands. If you are looking to enhance your skin and wellbeing, this bird’s nest is specially designed to beautify your skin. There are no adverse effects, and they’re very effective at nourishing aged cells and allowing your body to regain its youthfulness.


Sarangyan Bird’s Nest

Sarangyan Collagen Bird’s Nest Drink is all-natural and free of preservatives or coloring. It contains water-soluble proteins that can be consumed by people of all ages and genders, including pregnant women. It’s the ideal product for increasing cell rebirth, strengthening the immune system, and improving heart function and energy levels. It can also improve stamina and provide the cardiovascular system a healthy boost.


Happy Health Bird’s Nest

Happy Health is a bird’s nest manufacturer based in Malaysia. They have their own nesting area where they raise swiftlets and process their bird’s nest. Bird’s nest with white fungus, American ginseng, and rock sugar is one of their most well-known varieties. Their bird’s nests are created from 100% pure bird’s nests, using the latest technology to ensure that the content extract is pure and the original taste is preserved.


Lennox Bird’s Nest

Lennox Malaysia is a beauty and slimming products manufacturer. One of their most popular products is their bird’s nest, which is made from excellent grade genuine bird’s nest. It’s high in protein, collagen, and other vital nutrients and minerals, which assist to regenerate skin and restore smoothness, radiant, and youthfulness. This is one of your best selections if you’re looking for a bird’s nest to help you improve your complexion. It’s also appropriate for all ages, including children.


Dragon Horse Bird’s Nest

This brand of bird’s nest is created using a traditional recipe that is high in nutrients. This recipe is beneficial for the skin and the lungs, thus it’s an excellent skin supplement. Its key ingredients include bird’s nest, American ginseng, sodium alginate, white fungus, and rock sugar solution. You can drink it straight from the bottle or dilute it with warm water. Because it’s created without preservatives, you’ll want to finish it soon once you’ve opened it.


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