5 Creative Ways to Wrap Your Gifts

Cloth Wrapping

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So you’ve just found the perfect (or just an “okay”) gift for a special someone’s birthday – now what? You could choose to toss it in a random paper bag and add a simple greeting card. Or, you could take a few extra minutes and get creative with the gift wrapping!

After all, you’d want your gifts to look great on the inside and the outside – especially if you’re not particularly delighted with what’s on the inside, then you should definitely make the wrapping stand out at the very least.

If you’re not the most creative person, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 creative ways to wrap your gifts:


Dried Flowers

Dried Flower Wrapping

For gifts with a rustic, organic feel, use a floral note such as dried flowers to gussy up packages wrapped in kraft paper and tied up with twine. This is a beautiful way to wrap gifts, especially when you can’t get your hands on fresh blooms! What’s more, the giftee can also keep these flowers after unwrapping the gift!

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Polaroid Photo

Instax Photo Gift Wrapping

Make your presents super memorable with an added personal touch: a photo! It could be a random picture that looks aesthetic, or even better: one of you and the giftee.

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Washi Tape

washi tape wrapping

Washi tape has so many great uses—including gift wrapping. It’s affordable and the possibilities of what you can create with it are endless. And best of all, if you mess up the wrapping, you can just peel it off and reposition the washi tape without ripping your paper.

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Fabric Cloth

Cloth Wrapping

Ditch the wrapping paper and learn to wrap your gifts with fabric for a more eco-friendly and practical alternative! The fabric’s pliability means it covers odd-shaped items and won’t tear at corners. All you need is a patterned scarf or piece of fabric, then you can start wrapping!

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Newspaper wrapping

Newspapers are a budget-friendly yet attractive gift wrapping technique especially when you are in a hurry! The monochrome print brings out an old-school vibe that looks rustic when paired with twine. It’s also eco-friendly since the newspaper will go straight into the recycling box once unwrapped!

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