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HOOGA Malaysia

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Your home is your sanctuary, your oasis, your getaway from the outside world. When it’s your chance to curate a space for yourself, it’s crucial that you know where to shop for the best items that speak your language. Then, you’ll be able to transform your everyday space into an aesthetic that fits your own.

Your days as an interior designer starts with these selections of home decor stores in Malaysia. You’ll surely find unique pieces to call your own with their massive in-house collections and collaborations.



Our brains are wired to think of IKEA when anyone mentions home-related matters. IKEA has long established their reputation as our top choice when it comes to home decorations and furniture shopping. Their extensive range of products and inspiring interior design showrooms definitely took the lead in the industry, especially for first-time home buyers. Products aside, it would even pass as a date idea to walk around with your partner – picturing a future home together!

Website: https://www.ikea.com/my/en/ 


This Scandinavian-inspired homeware concept store took the market by storm with its modern yet minimal approach to home decor. Originated from Singapore, they speak to the hearts of every millennial with their ideology of pursuing simple pleasures by curating a space that you deem as cosy and welcoming. Ranging from sleeping to dining needs, HOOGA has a well thought out synergised aesthetics that won’t go wrong when combined in a common space.

Website: https://findinghooga.com.my/


KONICHIWA to our first ever Japanese home and living concept store that landed in Lalaport this January 2022. Their functional yet exquisite collection of furniture and home items is definitely a refresher to local home-buyers. Needless to say, their products come with a promise as Japan has yet to disappoint in terms of quality. Perfect for individuals who put practicality first, this might be your secret oasis to shop for pieces that fit your needs.

Website: https://www.nitori.my/


Our locally-curated lifestyle brand – Ruma – challenges the norm of chic, modern home needs coming at an expensive price tag. Powered by a team of passionate local designers, they’ve curated a collection of urban-inspired furniture to amplify your individuality. Similarly to IKEA, Ruma displays its collection through an array of intentionally designed showrooms that allow you to visualise your life with Ruma’s pieces. You’ll definitely be making yourself at home in their showrooms!

Website: https://ruma-home.com/

H&M Home

Emerging from the international fast-fashion empire, H&M recently brought their home decor lineup into their stores in Malaysia. H&M home items are primarily focused on more bohemian yet elegant styles that are made suitable for younger audiences. If you’re an H&M fan to begin with, their home section might just be right up your alley. Imagine having matching vibes from your clothes to your home – you’ll feel like you have a personal stylist!

Website: https://www2.hm.com/en_my/


Little did we know, Kaison originated from Sabah, Malaysia and now has stores thriving all over Malaysia. Kaison is known for its fun and quirky products that instantly brighten anyone’s day, not to mention, their personal space! Ranging from inspirational wall art to the softest plush toys, there’s something to everyone in your family regardless of age. Besides that, Kaison is one of the few places to find an extensive selection of artificial flowers to add dimension to your living quarters without the extra responsibilities!

Website: https://kaison.com/


If the term for ‘one-stop store’ needed an example, Spotlight would be the perfect fit! Aside from their massive collection of home decor items, Spotlight carries products that satisfy your hobbies, parties and even home repairs. Over the years, Spotlight has brought in hundreds of home decor brands as their market demand expanded. Their promise of affordable prices is always a priority when it comes to curating any collection and surely will keep you coming back!

Website: https://www.spotlightstores.com/my


If you’re a home decor enthusiast and fancy unique, non-conforming pieces, KARE is the place to be. Since 1981, KARE has been on an international spree searching for style icons and developing trends within the interior design industry. Passionate about creating the ‘wow’ factor in a mundane living space,  they harnessed the ability to curate collections that fit the masses, yet becomes uniquely you when acquired. Find yourself in an intentionally designed space with their room planning services as well. It only gets better from there!

Website: https://www.kare-design.com/my/en/ 


Putting together a personal space should be an enjoyable and lovely experience. With this selection of home decor stores in Malaysia, trust us when we say you’re in good hands as you scout for your ideal furniture and decorations. Let the creativity begin!

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