10 Online Brands You Didn’t Know Are From Malaysia


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Growing up as proudly Malaysians, we all are able to name a few local brands that are shaking things up locally and internationally. 

It’s always delightful to see more emerging brands and young local entrepreneurs, especially with the help of social media in recent years.

We bumped up to a few of these interesting online businesses that you should take a look at:

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This vibrant brand has its name said it all, “A Piece of Malaysia”. APOM is a culture store that produces pun-ny gifts that give you a good laugh. You can also spot other nostalgic elements you grew up with, printed on T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags that remind you of the good old days. 

Website: https://apom.my/


If you are a fan of quality apparel, Oxwhite is not a stranger to you. This 4-year-old brand has earned its name by creating business, casual, and home wear of premium quality at a fraction of the cost. From top to toe, you are able to find a simple yet exquisitely tailored piece to Look Good, Feel Good wearing it.

Website: https://oxwhite.com/

Amazin’ Graze

Established in 2015 by three Malaysian ladies who believe that good food can bring joy and empowerment towards a healthier lifestyle. Amazin’ Graze specializes in granola with Malaysian-infused flavours like coconut kaya, gula Melaka and etc. Their amazin’ gift bundles also make a hit during gifting seasons.

Website: https://www.amazingraze.com.my/

Lilin + Co

A local artisanal fragrance brand that covers a wide range of scented soy wax candles. Whether you’re a first-timer or a fragrance collector, you’ll be able to find your scents in Lilin + Co that range from refreshing to an underlying richness in sweetness and floral. What’s more? Their carefully wrapped packaging also makes a perfect gift to send to families or friends.

Website: https://www.lilinandco.com/


Looking for Muslim and vegan-friendly snacks? Give Kintry a try! Kintry is a homegrown Malaysian Snack Company that creates healthy snacks with premium natural ingredients. From the iconic chocolate chip cookies to savoury-fixed salted egg york crisps, you can get them in delicious bundles or by pack.

Website: https://kintry.co/

Velvet Vanity

Velvet Vanity is a homegrown cruelty-free makeup and skincare brand. The founder Adlina believes that no animals should be hurt in the process of producing high-quality products. Hence, natural ingredients like Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, and E can often be found in Velvet Vanity products. Some of their fan favourites include liquid matte lipsticks, liquid blushes, and mascara.

Website: https://velvetvanity.co/

The Tapping Tapir

Enjoy a thirst-quenching chilled soda with your family or friends to beat the heat! These Insta-worthy refreshing drinks are made with fresh fruit juices, spices, and herbs with reduced calories. Other than adopting the name tapir, The Tapping Tapir also utilizes locally-sourced ingredients to sparkle inspiration and various complexities and flavours.

Website: https://thetappingtapir.com/

Alwis & Xavier

Alwis & Xavier supply the finest grooming products that focus on portability and user experience. Need no more stuffy bags for your cologne bottle after gym or when you’re meeting someone important. Their solid colognes are packed in premium and natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and Vitamin E that not only enable you to smell amazing but meanwhile moisturize your skin.

Website: https://www.alwisandxavier.com/

Biji Biji

Biji Biji is an ethical fashion label that values sustainability and works ethics. By constantly curating changes to the fashion industry, Biji Biji up-cycled textiles and incorporated them into every aesthetically designed artisanal piece. Find your one-of-a-kind bag made from seatbelts, vintage kimonos, and tarpaulin banners.

Website: https://bijibiji.co/

Brudee Oral Care

This homegrown company, naming its team “the smile enthusiasts”, aims to make oral care even more accessible. Despite providing premium quality sonic toothbrushes and braces (Brudee Align) at a fair price, they also contributed percentages of every sale made to local NGO.

Website: https://brudee.com/


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