5 Unique Light-Up Picture Frames to Transform Your Space

Cool Light-Up Pictures with Frame

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These picture frames with art illuminated by the panel beneath are more than just a way to display photos; they’re an innovative approach to bringing a touch of magic into your room.

The built-in lighting subtly highlights every detail of the image, making it pop and creating an enchanting ambience.  Whether you’re a fan of celestial bodies, adorable pets, romantic scenes, or tranquil landscapes, there’s a design that perfectly matches your taste.

Plus, the option to have a frame that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker is a game-changer. Now, not only can you visually enjoy your space, but you can enhance it with your favorite tunes, adding a whole new layer of enjoyment.

Let’s check out these cool light-up picture frames you can buy online in Malaysia.


PLANET Light-Up Picture

PLANET Light Up Picture with Bluetooth Speaker Frame 1

This PLANET Light Up Picture Frame is not just an art display, but also serves as a Bluetooth speaker and a night lamp that adds charm to your room.

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MEOW Light-Up Picture

MEOW Light Up Picture with Bluetooth Speaker Frame 1

This MEOW Light-up Picture Frame is perfect for cat enthusiasts, delighting when the picture’s light is turned on while playing your favourite music.

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WOOF Light-Up Picture

WOOF Light Up Picture with Bluetooth Speaker Frame 1

Enjoy a multi-sensory experience with this WOOF Light-up Picture Frame that acts as an illuminated art display and a bluetooth speaker in one.

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LOVE Light-Up Picture

LOVE Light Up Picture with Bluetooth Speaker Frame 1

This LOVE Light-up Picture Frame, inclusive of illuminated art and a Bluetooth speaker, makes a delightful, thoughtful gift for your significant other.

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SCENERY Light-Up Picture

SCENERY Light Up Picture with Bluetooth Speaker Frame 1

Experience two display modes with this SCENERY Light-up Picture Frame. Toggle the light while playing your favourite music through Bluetooth.

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Bonus: GHIBLI Light-Up Picture

GHIBLI Light Up Picture with Frame 1

This GHIBLI Light-up Picture Frame, perfect for Ghibli or Totoro fans, brings the beloved characters to life with a simple switch of the light.

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