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If someone you care for is going through a rough patch, or they’re trying to get their life together, showing your support through gifting can come off as a great inspiration and motivation.

With today’s generalised hustle culture, we tend to stretch ourselves a little too thin and that will indefinitely leave a mark on our lifestyles as well as routines in the long run.

Therefore, it is essential to know that your loved ones are equipped with the right items to guide them towards improving their well-being and health every day.

With that being said, here are some gift ideas we think will spark a difference in those who are intending to lead a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

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Amazin’ Graze

Shifting to a healthy lifestyle and diet can start with something as simple as changing your snacking habits. If you love a quick munch to help you think better or just for fun, enhance your snacking selections with Amazin’ Graze’s prominent range of healthier alternatives. Their collection of protein-packed nuts, granolas, and peanut butter is guaranteed to deliver a similar satisfaction from the munching you get from your usual snacks! With Amazin’ Graze, snacking will never be a guilty pleasure anymore.

Signature Market

As its name suggests, Signature Market has indeed evolved into an online marketplace for health and wellness enthusiasts to source their favourite wholesome products at an affordable price. Ranging from snacks, ready-to-eat foods and lifestyle wellness products, you’ll be able to find things to help you take one step closer to your ideal way of living! Additionally, you’ll be supporting a local brand as well as their ongoing promotions throughout the year – so be sure to catch them in time for your next gifting occasion!


There are many known benefits to using a Theragun on a regular basis, especially after an intense workout or if you’re experiencing any muscle soreness. Think of it as having a massage therapist in the comfort of your own home! Now, you can bring that luxury to your family and friends by gifting them a Theragun as well. It’s an amazing tool for relaxation and it has benefits such as reducing pain, increasing blood and lymphatic flow as well as improving the range of movements! It’s definitely a great addition to their health and wellness practices.

Classpass Subscription

If that special someone is interested in fitness, giving them a Classpass subscription is an amazing way to spruce up their workout routine! Classpass’s vast selection of classes ranging from boxing, yoga, cycling and even dancing would make the perfect gift for them as they get to try out different types of workouts and explore new gyms around the area. What’s even better is that you can get yourself a subscription and join them as well!

2L Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is the number one rule in maintaining a balanced well-being. Just like how the joke about Asian parents claiming hot water to be the cure for everything, drinking enough water can be your solution in life to a certain extent. An average human being needs about 1.5L to 3L of water a day, depending on your workload and body, hence having a 2L water bottle to fill up your day’s worth of liquid can be a stepping stone to ensure you get sufficient water intake every day.

Back and Spine Support

If the person you’re finding a gift for spends hours sitting down and has a hectic work schedule, it’s important for you to have their back and offer support when needed, literally! Posture is a crucial part of how you present yourself and having proper posture can deliver positive body language, especially in times of importance. Hence, if you notice someone in your life who is complaining about pain, maybe a little support in the back will make their problems go away.

Diffuser and Essential Oils

Health and wellness include having your mental health in check. Aside from physical fitness, it’s important to bring your mind and senses to a level of relaxation, and away from the usual hustle and bustle. With a diffuser and the right essential oils,  instantly transform your home into a sensorial getaway and calm the mind of its worries. Make it a weekly self-pampering ritual to have your favourite activities planned and with aromatherapy right within reach!

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

Getting to know yourself isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely more fun if it were a card game! We’re Not Really Strangers is on a mission to normalise mental health for many of us through their unique social media content and range of card games. These card games will act as a navigation for you to understand yourself on a deeper level through a series of self-reflection questions. This can also be an interesting game to play with your partner and friends in order to strengthen your relationships.

Wellness Journal

When we write, we’re given the time to put our racing thoughts on pause and start processing them. If that special someone tends to overthink, a wellness journal might be what they need to slow down and unpack what they’re feeling at the moment. Instead of bottling up their feelings, they can now express them through words, at the same time, learn more about themselves through intended practices. It’s two birds with one stone, and you’ll get a bonus of an emotionally-stable friend (just kidding!).

Weighted Blanket

As we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, it’s crucial that we ensure the people we love have the best sleep possible! A weighted blanket is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as mimic the feeling of being hugged! It’s perfect for people who are experiencing difficulty in sleeping or if they’re going through a hard time. Additionally, this can be one of the ways to show that we care about the journey they’re on to a better, healthier lifestyle.

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