Gifting Guide: 8 Beautiful Preserved Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Beautiful Preserved Flowers for Valentine's Day

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If you value practicality, preserved flowers or everlasting roses are an excellent gifting option that doesn’t compromise on romance.

Perhaps you’ve been gifting fresh flowers every Valentine’s Day and are considering a change – preserved flowers, also known as eternal flowers, can be a wonderful alternative. (Tip: You might also want to check out our list of 10 Valentine’s Day gift alternatives beyond flowers).

Contrary to some beliefs, preserved flowers aren’t artificial. They’re real flowers treated with preservation techniques to extend their lifespan significantly. Instead of a few days, your loved one can enjoy these floral gifts for years.

We’ve put together a selection of interesting, creative, and beautiful eternal flower designs. Which one do you think she would like?


One Love Eternal Rose Jar

One Love Eternal Rose Jar 1

This One Love Eternal Rose Jar, exquisitely crafted with a lit wooden base, symbolizes the eternal bond of love with its captivating and everlasting beauty.

Le Petit Prince Eternal Rose Jar

Le Petit Prince Eternal Rose Jar 1

This Le Petit Prince Eternal Rose Jar, inspired by The Little Prince’s Rose and made of preserved flowers, is a heartfelt symbol of love for your cherished one.

ILY Eternal Rose Jar

ILY Eternal Rose Jar 1

This ILY Eternal Rose Jar, containing beautifully preserved flowers in a lit glass jar, offers a poignant way to express your love on an important day.

Little Princess Eternal Rose Jar

Little Princess Eternal Rose Jar 1

This Little Princess Eternal Rose Jar, with preserved blooms and a charming princess bubble, is an ideal heartfelt gift for someone special.

Unicorn Eternal Rose Jar

Unicorn Eternal Rose Jar

This Unicorn Eternal Rose Jar symbolizes your love, much like the unicorn captured within it. Share these feelings with her through this meaningful gift.

Ferris Wheel Eternal Rose Jar

Ferris Wheel Eternal Rose Jar

This Ferris Wheel Eternal Rose Jar, adorned with beautifully preserved flowers, encapsulates the romantic moments you’ve cherished together.

Floating Eternal Rose

Floating Eternal Rose

This Floating Eternal Rose encased in a sphere, hovers and spins above a wooden base, offering a visually appealing, year-round decoration.

Giant Eternal Rose

Giant Eternal Rose

Show your love’s magnitude with this Giant Eternal Rose, crafted using thoughtful flower preservation methods.

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