5 Creative Catering Ideas in Malaysia (Non-Halal)

Creative Catering Ideas at Home

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Are you looking for special catering ideas to celebrate a birthday, housewarming, Chinese New Year, or any special occasion? Read on as we are sharing some food options you might not have thought of!

If you go for the usual caterers, most of them offer standard food menus like rice, noodles, meat, vegetables, ABC, satay, etc. What if you are looking at something different?

Since we have so much food variety in Malaysia, why not go for something out of the box? Here are some of the cool ideas to impress your guests at home!


Winner’s Fried Chicken

Winner’s Fried Chicken 胜利家乡炸鸡

You’ve most probably tasted this kind of fried chicken from the hawker stalls, and many of them are licensed by Winner’s Fried Chicken (胜利家乡炸鸡) which has been around since the 80s.

This is a great alternative to fast-food brands and kids would love it with fries and other fried items. Look for such stalls around your area and ask them whether they provide catering services.

Roast Pork Food Truck

Roast Pork Food Truck

It is not unusual for Chinese to order whole roast suckling pig to celebrate the Chinese New Year or weddings, but how about getting a roast pork food truck to your house?

Imagine chopping it fresh in front of your house, it’s like a carnival by just listening to the “chop chop” sound, and seeing your guests queuing for their turn. Don’t believe it? Watch this video.

Lok Lok Food Truck

Lok Lok Food Truck

Like many other countries, street food is an important part of Malaysia’s food culture and Lok Lok (literally translated from “dip dip” in Cantonese) is definitely one of them.

If you don’t already know, Lok Lok is bite-size food on wooden skewers dipped into steamboat pots (sometimes grilled too). A Lok Lok food truck at your party? Your guests will be impressed.

Desserts Food Truck

Golden Potato Food Truck

If you have a big space at your premise, how about getting a few food trucks – it’s like a mini street food carnival! A dessert food truck can be considered if space and budget are not an issue.

Golden Potato (台湾地瓜球) which originated from Taiwan, is one of the popular Chinese desserts commonly seen on food trucks. You can go for any dessert of your preference.

Beer On Wheels

Beer On Wheels

Your party at home will be elevated to another level if you serve your guests draft beer – not bottled, not canned, but DRAFT beer! Your beer-loving guests will be super happy and impressed!

However, there aren’t many providers who offer draught beer on wheels in Malaysia. Beer Mad (with outlets in Klang Valley and Johor Bahru) is the only one we know so far.



Hope you now have a better idea of how you can be creative with the catering options for your party at home (or even the office) – as long as it’s a landed property!

You can also check out and consider these interesting food trucks in Klang Valley – with many of them offering Mexican food and most of them do provide catering services.

Besides food trucks, hawker stalls can be viable too. Ask your favourite hawker stalls in your neighbourhood and check if they can do it and how much would it cost.

Leave a comment below if you have any other interesting ideas to share!

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