10 Practical Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank!

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If your love language is gifting, then we’re here to make sparks fly!

While today’s gifting culture has shifted towards a more materialistic approach, we’re here to bring practicality back into the art of gifting. Aside from making sure your gift is serving a need, you’re also removing the anxiety-inducing pressure for them to use something they don’t really need or love. And not to mention, you’ll definitely feel like it’s your money well spent!

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Our lives now are basically powered by devices – be it your phones, watches or even earphones – and the need for a quick charge is becoming more urgent as we intensely depend on these devices for our day-to-day activities. Powerbanks are definitely an essential (and sometimes, a life saver) to have on the go for all electronic users, such as yourself. You’ll never have to suffer the suspenseful frustration of your phone running on low battery while you anticipate your next charge! 

Insulated Mug 

A cooled-off drink is never a good drink. Period. If you’re the type of person who loves to keep a warm beverage around while you work, this would be an excellent addition to your office desk layout! A good-quality insulated mug can go a long way, not to mention it comes with a vacuum seal that prevents spilling even when we’re running around. You can even surprise your work besties with matching mugs to make your office days even more fun!

Tote Bag 

There’s no better feeling than being able to ‘dump’ all your belongings into one big bag and be out the door! The convenience a good-quality tote bag can bring is beyond words. Imagine having your logistics settled – be it going to the gym, grocery shopping or even travelling! Adding sustainability to the discussion, owning a tote bag can significantly reduce the amount of plastic and paper bags – and ultimately reduce waste.

Card Holder

As we transition into a cashless world, small wallets are becoming the trend. Why bring around a bulky wallet when you can keep things simple and light with just a cardholder? For someone who frequently switches between bags, having a cardholder can make your process even faster as it would 100% fit into any bag. A quality leather cardholder will last someone a lifetime, and it would definitely make a thoughtful (and classy) gift regardless of the occasion!

Portable Speaker

Blasting your favourite tunes at maximum capacity is a fool-proof mood-booster every time! If that special someone you’re gifting loves music, we promise this would make their days even funkier than they already are. Feel like the main character every day when you have your favourite tunes in the background while you carry out your daily tasks. Moreover, a portable speaker means bringing your music everywhere you go! Out of town for the weekend? Make sure you have your playlist ready then!

Any Kind of Organizer

Even though we’re not trying to Marie Kondo our friend’s space, buying someone any sort of organizers will definitely come in handy someday. If that someone has just reached a life milestone of owning a home, you would be helping them cross this off their long list of home items to buy anyway! For women, owning a bag organizer will make finding things in any one-compartment bag much less troublesome. Life is always easier when things are where they should be, wouldn’t you agree?

A Good Book

What can be more practical than knowledge? Book junkie or not, picking up a book to learn or for leisure will never hurt. With today’s massive collection of books in the market, there are endless topics to explore when it comes to choosing “a good book”. Besides that, books can highlight new perspectives, inspirations and even interests for everyone. It would also strike as a new topic to talk about when the both of you spend time together as well. You know what they say – friends who read together, grow together!

Gift Cards

Gift cards – the definition of buying a gift but without actually choosing one (we’re kidding!). Sometimes we get indecisive when it comes to gifting because we want to be that friend that buys the best gifts. With this added layer of pressure, it might be “financially wiser” to let them do the choosing so our money is well-spent! Although this might seem like the easier gift of all, do know that this doesn’t work on everyone – so pick your gift card receiver wisely.

A Comfy Hoodie

As Malaysians, we’re confident when we say we speak for the majority of us, that we love air conditioners! Due to our weather being constantly hot and humid, we have the habit of trapping ourselves in freezing cold rooms to counter that. Having a comfortable, soft hoodie in those situations is like getting a hug from your favourite teddy bear. If your friend is lacking in this department, you know what to do – send a hoodie their way so they can stop missing out!

Disposable Film Camera

Things from the 80s are coming back in trend and so is our way of capturing memories! If your friend is a photography enthusiast, gifting them a disposable film camera is a perfect introduction to film. There’s a certain thrill to film cameras that digital cameras lack as you won’t get to see the finished product until it’s developed. It would also mark a good experiment before committing to an actual vintage camera.

Gifting is definitely a skill worth honing, but practical gifts can never go wrong! Did you get any inspiration for your next gift from our list above? Comment below on what would you like to receive or your favourite practical gift to give others!

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