8 Unconventional Mooncakes by Creative Bakers in Malaysia

Unconventional Mooncakes by Creative Bakers in Malaysia

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What pops up in your mind when it comes to mooncake? The traditional golden brown classic baked skin or the loved-by-many snow skin? Traditional flavours are no-wrong, but if you’re looking for something a little extra special that breaks the convention, this is where you can get inspired from!

Check out these contemporary mooncakes by the most creative bakers in Malaysia, that will be sure to shake things up for a modern celebration without breaking tradition!


Guan Heong Biscuit Shop

Inspired by the classic Nyonya kuih, Guan Heong introduced these Ondeh-Ondeh mooncakes that are just irresistible! The aroma from shredded coconut blends together with pandan juice and lotus paste, making a perfect combination, wrapped in signature golden brown bake skin to neutralize the sweetness. 

Available on Guan Heong Online Shop and in-store.

Pulp + Beans

Pulp + Beans not only produces the finest quality chocolates, check out these too-adorable-to-eat rabbit-shaped mooncakes, available in 4 different flavours-  Purple Yam, Pandan Lotus, Lotus Seed, and Red Bean Paste. All product is 100% handcrafted with high-quality couverture chocolate, the preferred choice of chocolate used by professionals.

Chocolate Mooncake Gift Set available on https://pulpandbeans.com/ 

The Ice Cream Bar

Want your mooncakes with some kick? The Ice Cream Bar’s snow skin mooncakes come with ice cream filling that is infused with a generous splash of booze. Each box comes with a pair of flavours, a premium gold metal cutlery set, and a reusable cooler bag.

Get their most recent collab gift box with Johnnie Walker on Instagram now!


Yum.Cha’s Kingyu mooncakes are made using the best Matcha in town Niko Neko, with 75% less sugar than commercial mooncakes. Each exquisite goldfish-shaped mooncake is hand-crafted daily using premium lotus paste, infused with aromatic tea flavours. They also offer gift options like 10 pieces + cold brew tea set in a bamboo basket or in traditional Japanese Furoshiki wrap.

DM @yum.cha.my or order via their Whatsapp now!

Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop is always on my list of favourite brands when it comes to ice cream, but do you know that they also offer ice cream mooncakes? Packed with a thoughtful cooler bag, you can choose from their uniquely chocolate-coated flavours – Oolong, Chocolate Orange, or signature snow skin mooncakes with Durian, and Unicorn flavours.

Make your order now online or in-store!


Looking for a thoughtful mooncake gift set to send to someone important? Search no further, Wellnest incorporates their premium bird’s nest into pretty snow skin mooncakes of pastel colours that make a perfect gift for this festive season. Available in Signature Red Dates, Pandan Gula Melaka, Yuzu Rasberry, and Hojicha Gula Melaka flavours, each filled with 100% pure bird’s nest, with zero preservatives. They do delivery to Johor Bahru, KL, and PJ too!

Whatsapp Wellnest now to place your orders or visit their Instagram for more details

Oh Cha Matcha

Presented in a box of four pretty pastel pieces, each is made with all-vegan and low-gluten ingredients with naturally derived colours. Available in Matcha Mung Bean (Matcha Snowskin), Hojicha Mung Bean (Purple Sweet Potato Snowskin), Genmaicha Mung Bean (Blue Spirulina Snowskin), and their new launch this year – Gyokuro Mung Bean (Beetroot Snow Skin). These insta-worthy mooncakes are handcrafted one at a time in small batches, hence their limited availability. 

Order on https://ohchamatcha.com/ now before they’re sold out!

Crème De La Crème

Crème de la Crème returns with its selection of ice cream mooncakes inspired by ancient Mid-Autumn tales. Featuring an array of delish 100% natural artisanal ice cream flavours, each exquisite and meaningful piece like Chang E’s Fan, Jade Rabbit, and The Elixir takes at least 6 hours to make by hand. Their Mid-Autumn range usually sells fast, so make sure to

Make your pre-order online or collect in-store.


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