10 Creative Mooncake Packaging Design Ideas

Creative Mooncake Packaging Design Ideas

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Usually falls in September, the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Mooncake Festival) is the second biggest festival for Chinese after the Chinese New Year.

Besides being celebrated by all Chinese populations around the world, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also celebrated in countries like Japan and Korea.

With its golden, delicate pattern, and soft crust, mooncake is commonly filled with lotus paste but there are a variety of fillings being introduced over time.

While mooncakes are offered to the moon or its goddess Chang Er in ancient times, it is a popular gift for family and friends during the Mid-Autumn Festivals.

Mooncake gift packaging has definitely been elevated in recent years, with brands introducing creative mooncake boxes and packaging to entice the customers.

Here, we present to you a list of 10 cool mooncake packaging design ideas – with many of them injecting a modern and creative twist into the traditions.

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Full Moon Mooncake

Full Moon Mooncake Packaging Design


Sha Li Wen Mooncake

Sha Li Wen Moon Cake


Cai Feng Lou Mooncake

IHG Hotels & Resorts China – Cai Feng Lou


Moonne Mooncake



The Marmalade Pantry Mooncake

The Marmalade Pantry


The Palace Meseum Mooncake

The Palace Meseum Food


Domo Mooncake

Domo Cake


Bao Bei Mooncake

Bao Bei


Hai Chau Mooncake

Hai Chau


Mashwire Mooncake



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