Not Your Usual Candles – 10 Most-Loved Malaysian Candle Brands

Scented candles have long been a favorite among the homebody and self-love community. Whether you’re having some me-time or you’re looking for a unique element to spruce up your personal space, acquiring a scented candle will bring more dimension to your home in terms of ambiance, mood, and of course, smell. As a side note, they make excellent gifts for birthdays, housewarming gatherings, or just because. *wink wink*

Every day is an experience with these carefully-curated selections of candles – transforming your mundane living space into a world of indulgence.



This humble beeswax candle brand stands out with its industrial-inspired concrete series vessels, designed to be repurposed as the perfect home decor or storage when finished. With quality at heart, ANBO uses 100% natural beeswax, the finest wood wicks, and essential oil for a clean burn and powerful scents. You’ll definitely find something that fits your personal preference with their wide selection of candles, either from in-house creations or an extension of collaborations.


Kandle Kandle

Operating since 2018, Kandle Kandle is one of the early pioneers who introduced the immersive wonders of candles to Malaysians. Their scent blends are mainly inspired by nature – with a heavier emphasis on woodier notes and definitely loved by those who enjoy the outdoors. They’ve since expanded their collection with room sprays and essential oils to better include other aromatherapy lovers who might not necessarily welcome a burn.



Specializing in premium soy candles, Lilin+Co has been delivering a multitude of hand-poured candles since 2016. Not to mention their rare and exclusive range of luxurious scents that effortlessly elevates any atmosphere and mood. You can even add a personal touch to your candle by acquiring one of their leather candle holder that allows customization. Aside from being a great addition to your candle collection, it would definitely make a wonderful gift as well!



Their overall white aesthetics will win over any minimalist’s heart! Originating from the Danish translation for “handmade”, Handlavet prides itself on creating handmade gifts such as natural soy candles with the intention of environmental conservation. They carry a collection of floral and fruity scents that invite a dash of freshness into any room. If that special someone you’re buying a gift for appreciates handmade things, you know where to look!


Scents of Memento

With Scents of Memento, memories lost will always be reignited. Since 2019, Memento candles have been curated from a beautiful array of premium ingredients sourced from all around the world. Wrapped in a sleek vessel that is forever timeless, its presence adds a layer of mystery to your surroundings when lit, while creating a sensorial experience like no other. Scents capture memories – let Scents of Memento be your key to effortlessly wandering in reminiscence of the good old times.


Little MooMooCraft

If you’re looking to add a fun twist to your usual candle collection, Little MooMooCraft will keep you on your toes with their creatively curated, one-of-a-kind candles. During festive seasons such as Chinese New Year and Hari Raya, they bring in elements of food, decorations and entertainment into their candle design – ultimately taking on the definition of ‘localization’. You might even get addicted to collecting their every new drop as it’s impossible to predict what they’ll be cooking up next!


Oh Lilin

Oh Lilin prides its ability to be affordable yet uphold a high standard for its source of ingredients and formulation. Although it started off as a passion project, Oh Lilin managed to scale its growth rapidly with its signature floral and woody scents that became crowd favorites in a snap! Since then, they’ve evolved their products into different forms to cater to a greater variety of demands such as room sprays, pillow sprays, reed diffusers and even bath bombs.


Candle Lab+Co

Make sure to check twice while snacking around, cause you might mistake their candles for real desserts! Candle Lab+Co is taking the candle crafting art to the next level with its realistic food and cartoon character-inspired designs. With the amount of attention to detail and precision in every candle, it will definitely be a trademark when displayed or an impressionable gift to that special someone. Why have a basic candle, when you can have a croissant-shaped one instead? The world is your oyster!


Kiss The Pink

With the emphasis on “The Bedroom Dessert”, Kiss The Pink has curated a collection of candles and diffusors focusing on scent blends that add a hint of sweetness to your room. Just as their brand name suggests, Kiss The Pink has their iconic pink color on every product as well as their Korean-inspired aesthetics. Additionally, they go the extra mile in decorating their festive gift sets for that dramatic gesture we all desire. Your days at home are bound to be sweeter, especially now with a personal bedroom dessert from Kiss The Pink!



This is your Korean-inspired student life aesthetics but in the form of candles. Scents aside, Nudecco thrives on the idea of adding beautiful collectibles and uniquely created art to your personal space. Their candles even come in a variety of jars, shapes and colors to match your room’s overall aesthetics. Moreover, if you’re really into candle-making or you’re just looking for a fun hobby day, Nudecco offers a series of workshops that allows you to be fully involved in creating and customizing your personal candle!


Now that you’ve browsed through our selection of scented candle brands in Malaysia, which one of them will have the honors of lighting up your personal living space? Our personal pick is definitely Little MooMooCraft with their realistic dessert candles. We just can’t say no to desserts!

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