Top 10 Mooncake Brands in Malaysia

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Mooncake festival, also known as the mid-autumn festival, falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month.

The tradition of eating mooncakes on this day was believed to be regarded as completeness and togetherness of a family because of its round shape.

Despite the traditional round mooncakes, we also discover a few must-know Malaysian mooncake brands and their signature flavours. Some are also halal-certified so that you can share them with your friends and families hassle-free!


Yong Sheng 荣成

Signatures: Ginkgo Black Sesame, Jade (Pandan Lotus), Gula Melaka

One of the oldest confectionery in Malaysia that has been established before Malaysia’s independence year. Since 1952, Yong Sheng has not only introduced a wide variety of classic flavours that are loved by many Malaysians but also produced nostalgic tin designs that make a perfect gift to send during the festive season.


Yu-Ai 友爱

Signatures (Halal-certified): Bird’s Nest Lava Mooncake, Golden Charcoal

A proudly decades-old local brand that started with a paste-making business for baked goods. With over 30 years of expertise, Yu-Ai mooncakes are famous for their authenticity, healthier recipes that come in less sugar, and zero preservatives.



Signatures: Original Musang King Snowy Skin, Black Pearls Bamboo Charcoal, Pandan Black Thorn Musang King

DURIA Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake has won the highest durian mooncake sales record for 9 consecutive years. Their awards-winning mooncakes are made wholeheartedly with 100% Musang King purée which are even more delectable while served chill.


Tai Thong 大同

Signatures (Halal-certified): Snow Skin Red Bean, Snow Skin Chocolate Truffle, Classic Traditional Flavours

Tai Thong’s first step into the journey of mooncakes making began in 1985. They are also one of the pioneers of introducing snow skin mooncakes (crystalline mooncakes) in 2003. Their creativity and quality stand the test of time, strictly following their food safety formula with no preservatives, GMO, and artificial colouring and flavouring.


Fung Wong 凤凰饼家

Signatures: Lotus Shanghai Crust Mooncakes, Teochew Yam Mooncakes

Unlike the other brands that offer modern-looking mooncakes, Fung Wong is famous for providing an extensive range of traditional Chinese pastries to its customers since 1910. In conjunction with the mid-autumn festivals, many are lining up in-store to purchase their handmade mooncakes that are freshly oven-baked (Cantonese-style) or fried (Shanghai crust style).


TK Bakery 棠记兄弟饼家

Signatures: Kam Tui (Assorted Nuts, Fruits, and Ham), Superb White Lotus

TK Bakery has been a household name for a few generations since its establishment, serving only the best pastries and desserts made with premium quality ingredients. Their Cantonese-style mooncakes are carefully crafted with sweet and chewy skin, making a perfect combination with traditional fillings like lotus, red beans, and assorted nuts.


Purple Cane 紫藤

Signatures (Halal-certified): Red Bean Puer Tea (Dried Tangerine Peel), Double Yolk Tea Mooncake

Purple Cane is well-known for its premium teas and tea-infused meals. Their tea-flavoured mooncakes are prepared and made with subtle notes of Chinese tea. Purple Cane’s mooncakes aren’t just beautiful, they are also healthier as there are zero preservatives, less sugar, and less oil used. 


Baker’s Cottage 麦可思

Signatures (Halal-certified): Pearl of Harmony, Snow Skin Peachy Mango, (NEW) Snow Skin Strawberry

You may make known of Baker’s Cottage for their pastry and cakes, they also offer tasty mooncakes that come with both classic baked skin and snow skin. One of their all-time favourite is the Pearl Of Harmony (夜明轩) which has a perfectly baked golden brown skin wrapped around black sesame paste, yellowish mung bean filling and salted egg yolk at the center to form an attractive and tasty 3-layer mooncake.


Ghee Hiang 義香

Signatures: Low-Sugar Green Tea, Double Egg Yolk Lotus, Red Bean

Ghee Hiang’s pastries are “Heart Made Hot Baked” for an authentic flavour that remains the all-time favourite for many, especially the local foodies in Penang. All mooncakes are Halal certified with a wide variety of traditional flavours to choose from. One of their hero recipes is their fresh double egg yolk with classic paste.


Fai Fong Bakery 惠芳饼家

Signatures (Halal-certified): Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame, Tiramisu Lava, Cranberry Lotus

Take a delicious bite out of Fai Fong Bakery’s array of mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival! Fai Fong’s mooncakes have a balanced sweetness. They used premium salted egg yolks that are fresh and soft, complementing the sweetness from the red bean or white lotus paste perfectly.



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