5 Gift Ideas For Your Muslim Friends

Gift Ideas for Muslims

Besides the usual Hari Raya gift ideas, you might want to explore further for something more meaningful or suitable for your Muslim friends.

In order to find the perfect Islamic gift for your Muslim friends, here are some thoughtful ideas for your consideration.

  • Pocket Sejadah is a great option to show your appreciation or prayer is always appreciated by Muslims.
  • Halal gift boxes offer an array of snacks and treats that are guaranteed to be Islamically permissible.
  • Dates gift boxes are also popular gifts among Muslims as dates have special significance during Islamic festivals and holidays.
  • Oud perfume is another great option to give your Muslim friend, especially those with a more traditional taste in scent.
  • Scented candles make wonderful presents as they promote relaxation, reflection and peace which is encouraged in the Muslim faith.

With these gift ideas, you can choose something perfect for your Muslim friends.


Pocket Sejadah

Pocket Sejadah

Pocket Sejadah, a portable and on-the-go prayer mat, is a popular gift for Muslim friends. It can be easily stored away in any bag or pocket and used whenever needed. The Pocket Sejadah offers convenience and comfort when praying, no matter where you are. This gift will show your friend that you care about their religious practice and appreciate them as Muslims. Gift them with a Pocket Sejadah and they will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Halal Gift Box

Halal Gift Box

Halal gift boxes are a great way to show your Muslim friend that you care. These alcohol-free boxes of goodies include traditional snacks and treats such as baklava, Turkish delight and other sweet treats. Halal gift boxes make perfect Eid gifts or any special occasion when you need to give them something special. The unique assortment of goodies in Halal gift boxes will make sure your Muslim friends feel appreciated and loved.

Dates Gift Box

Dates Gift Box

Dates have special significance to Muslims during Ramadan, Eid and other Islamic festivals and holidays. A dates gift box is a great way to show your love for your Muslim friend. There are many different varieties of dates from around the world, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. You can choose from a variety of flavors and pack them into an elegant gift box for your friend.

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Oud (Oudh) Perfume

Oud Perfume

If your Muslim friend enjoys more traditional scents, then oud perfume is a great option. Oud is a woody fragrance that has a deep and rich aroma. It can be used for special occasions or as part of their daily routine. The scent will remind your friend of the Islamic faith and they are sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Scented candles make wonderful gifts for Muslim friends. They not only help promote relaxation but also reflect the importance of peace and reflection which is encouraged in the Islamic faith. You can choose from a variety of scents such as jasmine, sandalwood, frankincense and more. Your Muslim friend will appreciate this thoughtful gift and be reminded of your thoughtfulness each time they light the candle.



These are just some of the many thoughtful gifts you can give to your Muslim friend. These gifts show them that you appreciate their faith and values, and will make them feel special and appreciated. Give one of these Islamic-friendly gifts next time you want to show your appreciation for your Muslim friend and they will be sure to love it.

Happy gifting!

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