8 Most-Wanted Kitchen Appliances & Tools Gift Ideas

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Some say the kitchen is the soul of a house, where the magic happens to get the ingredients from ordinary to luring cuisines.

If you love cooking or plan to send a gift to a cooking enthusiast be it on Mother’s Day or as a housewarming present, keep in mind that no one can resist a fully-equipped kitchen.

That’s why we list out these 8 items that are most wanted when it comes to kitchen and cooking.


Vacuum Sealer

It always feels great to fill up your fridge, we feel you! But it’s also a pain when it comes to chasing after the expiry dates to reduce food wastage at home. And this is where a vacuum sealer can work its wonders to keep things fresh for a long, long time under air-tight conditions.

Shop Vacuum Sealer Here

Air Fryer

Namely the best gift for working adults that have tight schedules. An air fryer allows you to make a variety of scrumptious dishes in a shorter amount of time. And the best thing about it is that air fryers usually come in different price ranges according to the spectacles, needs, and budget.

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Hand Blender (Stabmixer)

If you’re looking for gifts for a newborn kid’s parents, a hand blender is definitely a good idea for them. Saving most of the time to make blending big portions of baby food more convenient, and directly from the pot.

Shop Tefal Hand Blender Here

Food Containers

Looking for food containers or food storage for a well-organised kitchen? Other than Malaysian moms’ favourite Tupperware, you can also get these aesthetically designed food storage containers from IKEA, which come in all sizes and shapes, fitting for all kitchen.

Shop IKEA Food Containers Here

Electric Grill Pan

Bear Electric Appliance has won the favor of many young people with appliances bearing modern yet simple designs and functions since 2006. This electric grill pan is one of their best-selling appliances, that comes with food-grade Teflon coating, and a 3-plate configuration, allowing multifunctional cooking and portions to serve up to 6 people.

Shop Bear Electric Grill Pan Here

Handmade Ceramic Tableware

We all know that one person who lives an Instagram-aesthetic life, and these ceramic tablewares that elevate home dining experience have never failed to impress them! Each piece of pottery work by Clay Expression is individually crafted with love and skills honed over years. No one piece is identical to another.

Shop Clay Expression Ceramic Tableware Here

Yogurt Maker

Why spend money on fancy, organic, freshly-imported-from-Greece yogurts when you can make one at home! This Pensonic yogurt maker is made especially for those who enjoyed healthy food at home with customizable flavours to pair with their overnight oats, granola, and freshly-cut fruits.

Shop Pensonic Yogurt Maker Here

Soap Dispenser

Automatic soap dispensers are not just modern and fancy-looking but also very convenient. No need to touch the soap bottle ever again: Just put your hand under the sensor and this handy gadget dispenses the just-right amount of soap for you, and prevent bacteria from spreading all over your kitchen.

Shop Umbra Soap Dispenser Here


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