10 Popular Traditional Chinese Confectionery Shops in Klang Valley, Johor, Penang & More

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Most of the famous traditional Chinese confectionery shops are established for decades with many of them still following the traditional recipe and handmade methods.

Chinese confectionery shops are like the Chinese version of bakery shops but most of them don’t offer wide selections but instead focus on certain pastries they are good at.

The specialty also depends on the area. For example, Penang is famous for its Tambun Biscuit, Teluk Intan for its Chinese Horseshoe Biscuit / Heong Peng, Ipoh for its Kaya Puff, and so on.

Interestingly, we have researched and shortlisted 20 traditional Chinese confectionery shops in Malaysia, and guess what? Half of them are located in Ipoh!

That itself entitles for a dedicated piece so find out which are the 10 popular Chinese confectionery shops in Ipoh here, while read on here as we compile those outsides of Ipoh.

Besides KL and Penang, it’s interesting to note that there are famous Chinese confectionery shops in towns like Kluang, Teluk Intan, and even Sungai Petani.

Without further ado, we present to you the top traditional Chinese Confectionery shops in Klang Valley, followed by Johor, Penang, and the rest.


Traditional Chinese Confectionery Shops in Klang Valley

TK Bakery 棠记兄弟饼家

TK Bakery 棠记兄弟饼家

Originated from a small dim sum business in the early 50s, Tong Kee was revamped in 1970 selling egg tarts, buns, chicken pies, and mooncakes, sold in a coffee house in Petaling Street. Their egg tarts were so famous hence multiple bakery outlets have been established over the years.

Website: https://www.tk2you.com/
Location: Multiple outlets in Klang Valley

Fung Wong 鳳凰餅家

Fung Wong 鳳凰餅家

Famous for supplying traditional wedding cakes, Fung Wong Biscuits has been established for more than a century and is still providing an extensive range of traditional Chinese pastries to its loyal and new customers.

Website: http://www.fungwong.my/
Location: No. 85, Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.


Traditional Chinese Confectionery Shops in Johor

Yong Sheng 荣成礼坊

Yong Sheng 荣成

Founded in 1952. Yong Sheng has been around for more than half a century. Started from hand-crafted pastries and snacks for the neighborhood in Muar, Yong Sheng has expanded its outlets to various locations offering gift boxes for various occasions like Chinese New Year, weddings, full moon, etc.

Website: http://yongsheng.com.my/
Location: Multiple outlets in Johor, Klang Valley, Melaka

Tong Huat 東發傳統餅家

Tong Huat 東發傳統餅家

Known as one of the four famous produces of Kluang, Tong Huat is well known for its handmade Tau Sa Piah (豆沙饼) which comes in either salty or sweet flavors. Just need to be patient with the queue and check out the opening slots if you intend to visit.

Location: 28, Jalan Cantik, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

Yuen Fatt 源發餅家

Yuen Fatt 源發餅家

Yuen Fatt was the first bakery in Malaysia to introduce Shanghai-style mooncakes more than 20 years ago. The unusual long-shaped mooncake is also known as Gold Pillow (金枕头) by locals, or Mouse Mooncake (老鼠月饼) by outsiders. It is famous not only in Malaysia but in Singapore too!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/yuenfattdelivery/
Location: 39, Jln Haji Manap Nordin, Taman Kluang Baru, 86000 Kluang, Johor.


Traditional Chinese Confectionery Shops in Penang

Ban Heang 萬香餅家

Ban Heang 萬香餅家

While Tambun Biscuit (淡汶饼 and Heong Pheah (香饼) are Ban Heang’s signature products, there are more than 200 types of products available in Ban Heang currently including Beh Teh Saw, Phong Pheah, Durian Crisp, Coconut Biscuits and so on.

Website: https://banheang.com.my/
Location: Multiple outlets in Penang, Genting Highlands, Airports

Ghee Hiang 义香饼家

Ghee Hiang 义香饼家

With a passion for perfection & “Hand Made, heart Baked” principle, Ghee Hiang’s traditional pastries are freshly handmade & baked each day. Hence, making it such an authentic delicacy and favourite for all.

Website: https://ghee-hiang.com/
Location: Multiple outlets in Penang


Traditional Chinese Confectionery Shops in Teluk Intan

Sin Guan Hoe 新源和餅家

Sin Guan Hoe 新源和餅家

Established in 1998, Sin Guan Hoe is famous for its Heong Peng (香饼), also known as Chinese Horseshoe Biscuit (马蹄酥). It is one of the popular confectionery shops in Teluk Intan to bring back souvenirs.

Online Store: https://shopee.com.my/singuanhoe
Location: 23, Jalan Pasir Bedamar, Pekan Teluk Intan, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak

Sin Joo Heong 新裕香糕饼厂

Sin Joo Heong 新裕香糕饼厂

Sin Joo Heong has started its business with the production and distribution of Tiger Head Biscuit (虎頭香餅) since 1962, which has become one of the must-try confectionery when you are at Teluk Intan. Their hero product is also distributed and available in other cities like KL, Ipoh, and Penang.

Website: http://sinjooheong.gbs2u.com/
Location: No 830-D, Jalan Mak Intan, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak.


Traditional Chinese Confectionery Shop in Sungai Petani

Lau Zi Ho 老字号大饼家

Lau Zi Ho 老字号大饼家

Long established for more than 50 years, Mung Bean Biscuit (Tau Sa Piah) by Lao Zi Hao is one of the favourite childhood snacks of those who (used to) live in Sungai Petani. Other classic biscuits being sold by Lao Zi Hao are Brown Sugar Biscuit (黄糖饼), Ear Lobe Biscuit (耳朵饼), Horseshoe Biscuit / Heong Peng (香饼), Walnut Pastry / Hup Tou Sou (核桃酥), Wife’s Biscuit / Lou Poh Peng (老婆饼), etc.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lauzihoenterprise/
Location: 746, Jalan Kuala Ketil, Kampung Sungai Tongka, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.


Which one is your favourite? Did we miss out on any? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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