Top 10 Bakkwa Brands in Malaysia

Bakkwa Brands in Malaysia

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Bakkwa, also known as “rougan” in Hokkien, translates to “dried meat”. This salty-sweet pork jerky is a popular delicacy in Malaysia, particularly during Chinese New Year.

Sold in various outlets, like Bakkwa specialty shops, bakeries, and supermarkets, Bakkwa becomes a ubiquitous sight during the festive season.

It’s not only enjoyed as a snack but is also a popular choice for gifting during the Chinese New Year festive season. Let’s explore the 10 popular Bakkwa brands in Malaysia.

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Loong Kee Ipoh Dried Meat

Loong Kee is one of Malaysia’s most well-known bakkwa brands. Their bakkwa is made using a blend of high-quality meat and their own special herbs and spices. They also produce a variety types of bakkwa, including minced pork, sliced pork, bacon, pork floss, and more. You can get them either fresh or vacuum-packed.



Oloiya is a well-known local dried meat brand and is given of their famous buffed-up chicken mascot. They have a 40-year-plus history of producing famous bakkwa lies in their quality and consistency using the traditional recipe. All of their bakkwa are freshly grilled daily, so you can expect delicious, juicy, and tender meat.


Ban Lee Heong 

With over 40 years of history, Ban Lee Heong’s savory bakkwa is a result of blending fresh meat with high-quality ingredients. Each slice of the dried meat uses fresh pork or chicken and is charcoal-grilled without preservatives. Guaranteeing you a freshly-prepared bakkwa.


Bee Cheng Hiang 

Bee Cheng Hiang is a Singapore-based bakkwa brand and their first outlet in Kuala Lumpur is in 1985. All of their bakkwa is prepared entirely of natural ingredients, with no artificial seasonings or preservatives. Only premium pork is used and marinated in a blend of secret sauces before being grilled over a fiery coal fire. You can even customize their coin-shaped bakkwa.


Hock Moon Hiong Dried Meat King

Another top-notch bakkwa brand is Hock Moon Hiong Dried Meat King. Its jerkies, sausages, and flosses have garnered rave reviews from customers over the world. They offer a variety of flavors that you may not have had before, such as Classic Chicken, Red Wine and Spicy Flavor, which is perfect for spicy food fans.


Wing Heong BBQ Meat

Wing Heong has been making bakkwa using only superior, non-frozen and 100% lean pork for nearly 50 years. weaved Their bakkwa is smoked with their family sauce recipe over a hand-wovweaved bamboo mesh to give it a characteristic smoky and caramelised flavour. Other than pork, alternative BBQ meats such as chicken, beef, and even ostrich meat are offered.


Lim Meng Kee

Lim Meng Kee has come a long way since their humble beginnings selling bakkwa on a roadside stall along Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. Today, it has grown into an established flagship store. Whether it’s pork, black pepper chicken, or lobster dried meat, all of their meat is made by hand using the traditional grilling method over hot charcoal.


Hock Chuan Hiong 

Hock Chuan Hiong is famous for their traditional and authentic taste of bakkwa. They emphasize the quality of food, using the freshest and the highest quality materials, and be sure to bake the most delicious and juicy bakkwa. Besides, many tourists even drop by only to experience the most traditional and authentic tastes.



HEJIA is famed for its baked goods, but it also has some of Malaysia’s best bakkwa, which you should taste! Their Premium Grill Bak Kwa contains less sugar, is less oily, and has lower fat content. They use a charcoal-grilled method that produces meat that is not just tender but also non-greasy. To maintain freshness and hygiene, each slice is vacuum-packed.


Penang Bang Bang Pork Meat

Penang Bang Bang Pork Meat is a younger establishment in the bakkwa industry and is based in Butterworth, Penang. Although they’ve barely been in business for five years, their vacuum-packed bakkwa are sold in the thousands every year. It’s fully handmade on a charcoal grill, with no preservatives added. The original pork bakkwa and the coin-shaped bakkwa are both worth trying.


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